ScaloMilano, the first total-outlet in Milan presented at MAPIC (IT/FR)

Promos, a company specialized in the development, promotion, rental and management of large shopping mall products, has presented an international preview of its new project ScaloMilano, the first total-outlet mall in the area of Milan at Mapic 2012 in Cannes.

ScaloMilano is a project that will revolutionize the Italian shopping mall panorama. First of all, for its size, radically different from the traditional dimension that characterizes factory outlet: it will be located just 25 min. by car from downtown Milan, in the town of Locate di Triulzi. It will be possible to reach it from the city center on the suburban S13 metro line or by car on the West Ring Road (A50), state highway SS 412 Val Tidone, and by train.

By virtue of this strong integration with the Milan area, ScaloMilano will have as its primary goal the valorization of the urban context and the improvement of livability in the area. In this view, it will be strongly interconnected from the commercial and cultural standpoint with the social and economic context of reference. Even the architectural design, inspired by the old Milanese factories, will vividly represent this vocation.

In the same way, the name ScaloMilano interprets this philosophy in full: 'scalo', because it will be a place of exchange between people and the area, symbol of the 'culture of doing', where business relations take on new life, in a hospitable setting; 'Milano' because it is very close to Milan, and will become an integral part of the city, reflecting its dynamism, its style and the vocation for excellence of the Lombard capital.

Carlo Maffioli, President of Promos, has said: "ScaloMilano will be the first example in Italy of a new generation of outlet. A place designed to put people at the center, with their changing needs, capable of anticipating the trends and offering a radically different experience with respect to the current standards.

"We believe in the formula of excellence at competitive prices, especially if extended, as in the case of ScaloMilano, to an experience that integrates fashion, design and fine food and wines. With the final goal of creating value, in commercial and economic terms – thanks to the intrinsic potential of the project – but also from the cultural standpoint and that of social relations, in favor of the community."

Source: Promos

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