Savills advises on €40 million industrial development in Barcelona (ES)

Savills has advised Nueva Rumasa on the acquisition of an industrial development site outside Barcelona, which will result in a €40 million headquarters and production plant for milkshake Cacaolat creating over 100 jobs.

The 20,000 m² (215,285 ft²) property will be located at A7 Llinars Park, Llinars del Vallès, Barcelona. Leading developer of industrial parks, Clapé Group, has been appointed to lead the construction process which will result in a plant with three production lines to make smoothies, sterile pasteurized milk, juice and horchata producing 'Cacaolat', 'Latvian', 'The Levantine', 'Sali' and 'Clesa'. The plant is anticipated to produce 50 million glass bottles, 40 to 45 million plastic bottles with an ultra pasteurization capacity of 14 million litres of milk.

The building, which will incorporate modern environmental design techniques, will start on site in September 2010 and is due for completion 12 months later.

José Otero, Director of Industrial and Logistic department said: "We are very proud to have been advising Clapé Group and Nueva Rumasa in the election of its new manufacturing plant and corporate headquarters for Cacaolat in Barcelona. This transaction represents a great investment given the current economic situation and shows significant signs of an industrial market recovery. A7 Llinars Park is an unique business in Barcelona that is well suited to the needs of each client and also integrates several services such as offices, restaurants, sports area that make it a global industrial and logistic park."

A7 Llinars Park is one of the largest business parks at the present in the metropolitan area of Barcelona. It has a total area of 375,000 m², with only 10% of the area available, tenants will include Pecomark (18,000 m²), Dent (18,000 m²), VWR (6,700 m²), Franke (4800 m²), Aumartrans (4,400 m²) and Hüppe (6,400 m²).

Source: Savills

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