Roppenheim The Style Outlets: Grand opening set for 2012 (FR)

NEINVER, leading company in retail sector based in Spain, and MAB Development, leading European real estate developer specializing in retail, have confirmed the development of the outlet center Roppenheim The Style Outlets is progressing according to plan and meeting the deadlines, so that its grand opening will take place in 2012.


The new center will become the sixth The Style Outlet center in Europe.

The new center, that will become the sixth The Style Outlet center in Europe, is located on the RD4, near the French village of Roppenheim and the German border.

"Since NEINVER and MAB Development have taken over the project, the highly-anticipated Roppenheim brand name outlet center has become a reality. As of today, we have reached our marketing objectives, and Roppenheim The Style Outlets will open in the spring of 2012", Mayte Legeay, director of NIENVER France.

At the official presentation of the project, French and German representatives of local, departmental and regional institutions could see the project's progress. Seven buildings had been constructed, the structure of the bridge at the east entrance had been finished and the wooden roof was beginning to take shape. Numerous cornices, pediments, towers and turrets will cut its silhouette. It will group 107 shops of the best commercial mix, a pub and cafés on a leasable surface of 27,280 m² and 50,000 m² of green area on a lakeshore.

"All the buildings will be under construction by the end of summer and the towers will be finished in September 2011. Trees and green areas will be planted in autumn," promises Marc Vaquier, Chief Executive Officer of MAB Development France.

In fact, this unique and exclusive outlet center will look like a fortified Alsatian village with traditionally colored walls and roofs. Thalès Architectures, the Alsatian architecture firm that designed it, envisioned three different stylistic universes: baroque, renaissance and medieval.

"Roppenheim The Style Outlets was designed not only to encourage the discovery of a new world of shopping, but also to become a tourist destination too. It will be a definite asset to this, the most prosperous German-French border region, which is visited each year by more than 11 million tourists from the area around Alsace and 16 million from Baden-Wurttemberg", states Mayte Legeay.

Roppenheim The Style Outlets opens up many perspectives on a local level. Robert Heimlich, President of the Uffried Community of Communes declares: "This outlet center is a major project for our territory, both in terms of employment and the positive economic boost expected in related sectors of activity." Gilbert Rinckel, Mayor of Roppenheim, emphasizes that "this innovative project is the result of close cooperation between private and collective investors."

In France, MAB Development and NEINVER are working together on several outlet projects under the 'The Style Outlets' name, like Roppenheim and Honfleur, in Normandy.

Source: Hill & Knowlton

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