Rondo1, tower of glass has reached its destinated hight of 192 m. (PL)

The installation of an antenna mast has been finished on the building site of the representative Rondo1 complex, which is anticipated to be the most beautiful high building of Warsaw. Thanks to this, the tower has reached the hight of 192 m. One of the lightest buildings of the capital has reached its projected hight thanks to installing an almost 42-m high anthene mast waighing over 19 tons, together with the fixing construction.

The 192 meters high Rondo1, one of the highest buildings of the capital being built at the crossig of the Świętokrzyska Street and Jana Pawła II Avenue, will soon be opened. The glass building and its modern architecture, will definitely add spectacular character to the financial district of Warsaw, which is being created, as it has been designed by the architecture firm of Skidmore, Owings & Merill, creators of so famous highscrypers as the Sears Tower and the Hancoc Tower in Chicago.

"Rondo1 will be a special place" stresses Piotr Stark of Hochtief Project Development Polska Sp. z o.o. "it is not only a modern highscryper of glass, and a place of work for for more than 6 thousand persons, but also an object where citizens of Warsaw will be able to meet and talk for very long. It will have a friendly atmosphere, we would like to create a space full of life, that is why we inform with pleasure that the next stage of works on our 40-floor building is completed."

Rondo1 is a very modern and inteligent building, and a very complex work in the center of the town. Installation of the mast had to be done in two phases. Particular segments of this construction were lifted by a crane and input to the inside of the building by spaces in the ceiling left available before. All elements of the mast were put together inside the building, basing the construction on the ceiling of the 33rd storey.

At the top of the mast there was a top installed with a system of books, lines, and ratchets, that is devices serving to remote control lifting and suspending of the top with the lights. In order to regularly service it, the device will be accessed from the building.

The mast of the 40-floor tower of Rondo1, was put together and fully equipped, and after necessary trials and tests it was put to its destinated location. All the installation work took almost 8 hours. Lifting of the mast was done using three hydraulic jacks, which were put on a steel frame installed on the level of the 39 storey (around the upper area which served earlier to input the mast to the inside of the building). There was a „bucket" put underneath the mast, to which 3 steel lines were attached, in order to push the mast out, by the hydraulic jack installed on the steel frame.

So the mast pushed out from the inside of the building, in a 'bucket' pulled by the lines. "You may say that the mast of Rondo1 popped out as a champaigne cork, symbolising its 192 meters hight. We will not be short of the champaigne corks on the launching party of Rondo1, which is planned for the coming year," adds Piotr Stark of Hochtief Project Development Polska Sp. zo.o.

Source: HOCHTIEF Polska

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