RICS comments on Home Information Packs (UK)

Commenting on today's announcement on the future of HIPS (Home Information Packs), Gillian Charlesworth, RICS Director of Communications said: "HIPs have failed to address the significant problems in the home buying process they were originally supposed to tackle and RICS is pleased that one of the first acts of the new Government has been to clearly show their intention to abolish them.

"Taking a swift decision will have minimised the impact on the market and ensured that estate agents who stick to the rules will not lose out.

"The Government must now use this opportunity to move on positive discussions about improving the home buying process working closely with the industry and professional bodies that have already done a lot of work on this issue. There is now the opportunity to start again with a clean slate and come up with innovative proposals to reform the system.

"Rather than seeing the announcement as the death of HIPs it should become the start of a new process that brings real change to people's experience of buying a home."

Source: RICS

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