Revival in Gliwice (PL)

The authorities of Gliwice have embarked upon on a new study of the conditions and directions of land management. As a result, by mid-2007, a land development plan should have been approved, covering, amongst other sites, the area belonging to the former Huta Gliwice steelworks, to be used, according to initial plans, for the construction of large scale shopping and leisure facilities.

The site is an object of interest for Parkridge CE Retail, which intends to start building its next shopping centre with an area of 140,000 sqm in autumn 2008. Focus Park Gliwice has been designed by the Asymetria architecture and design company, while Lambert Smith Hampton is in charge of its commercialization. The PLN 400 mln investment is due for completion in 2010.

Source: Eurobuild

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