Retail Space Europe 2013 launched successfully at MAPIC (FR)

Europe Real Estate (REP) - in close partnership with ICSC - is pleased to announce the latest edition of Retail Space Europe, the highly regarded reference book for the European retail sector, was launched successfully at MAPIC in Cannes, on November 14.


Retail Space Europe 2013 examines the state of the retail real estate market across Europe, providing an overview of the latest projects, trends, research, industry players and developments in the pipeline, as well as offering opinions and forecasts from market experts and business leaders.

Retail Space Europe 2013 is also available online; navigating the digital version and searching by keywords has never been easier.

Leon Goldwater, Chairman of Europe Real Estate, said "This book has become The Handbook of retail commercial property in Europe and we are proud to present the 2013 edition in close partnership with ICSC and Europe's leading retail specialists."

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Source: Europe Real Estate

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