Retail: Going Green in CEE | JLL

By the year 2020, all new buildings in the European Union will have to prove that they are nearly zero-energy buildings (Directive 2010/31/EU). By the year 2050, carbon emissions from all buildings need to be as near to zero as possible. To reach these goals significant changes to current practices need to be made.

In today's market environment, building green requires property professionals to plan carefully and to think outside the box. Over the course of this decade, existing properties and those in the pipeline will be put to the test, from an environmental stand-point by those looking to own them, manage them and occupy them.

This paper sets out to equip real estate professionals with the understanding of why proactive action needs to be taken now, both to mitigate the risks of high-risk buildings and, importantly, to adapt portfolios to inevitable climatic changes. This paper also seeks to provide some practical tips and guidance on the actions that can and are already being undertaken by Developers, Owners/Investors and Occupiers. It will also look at the current levels of 'Green Building' activity in the region and hear from those who are leading the industry in this respect.