Resolution to manage property of Colonia Real Estate (DE)

Resolution Real Estate Asset Management, an amalgamation of four property consulting companies from Berlin, Frankfurt, Cologne and Munich, is to take over the management of Colonia Real Estate's portfolio of property assets.

The company concentrates on the asset management of property portfolios throughout Germany for domestic and international investors, both private and institutional. Resolution's founders are confident: "In Germany, property assets can only be successfully acquired and managed if one has very good connections in the region concerned and an excellent awareness of the market. Right from the start, we are represented at Germany's most important locations. Each of us has got to know his own market over many years and has enjoyed noticeable success in it."

Resolution's asset managers offer a range of services covering the entire life-cycle of a property, acting exclusively as representatives of the owners. "The added value of genuine asset management over traditional commercial and technical property management is in the preparation and support for the transactions, as well as in a strong focus on realising potential increases in value", explained Arnd Rohrlapper, Managing Director. In the company's view, the successful implementation of buy-and-sell strategies is only possible when it is based on intensive and detailed analyses of market and location. In order to conduct such studies competently, a proximity to the property being investigated and a profound knowledge of the market are needed.

The concept has already convinced major international property investors:
The Blackstone Group has entrusted Resolution with the asset management of ten properties from the take-over of the Deutsche Bank's office property portfolio. These are in Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich.

At the end of February, Colonia Real Estate acquired a controlling interest (56%) in Resolution. Thanks to this transaction, Resolution's potential for making acquisitions has been significantly strengthened. Over the next 18 months it is intended to acquire a volume of business worth around 1 billion.

Source: Resolution

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