Report highlights €5.88 bn investment market in Pan-European student housing (EUR)

Research by property advisers GVA Grimley suggests that investment opportunities for residential student accommodation across key mainland European markets could amount to as much as €5.88 billion over the next decade.

The report – Student Housing Market in Europe – which has been produced by the firm's Strategic Property Consultancy division, exposes a potentially lucrative and mostly untapped market, which is largely being overlooked by developers and investors.

While the report identifies a range of differences between the European student housing markets in France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain, it highlights the fact that all have potential for investors to generate highly profitable returns on their investment.

Paul Watson, head of Strategic Property Consultancy at GVA Grimley, says, "With the harmonisation of higher education course structures, this will have an effect on the studying and living patterns for students across mainland Europe. These changes will require higher education establishments to review their accommodation support, in order to maintain a strong market share of international students, consequently creating a large growth market and many opportunities for investors."

The report assesses the opportunities and risks associated with investing and developing in these markets. It provides an analysis of the higher education student market and housing market in each country, drawing a series of conclusions on investment opportunities.

Source: GVA Grimley

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