Renzo Piano presents first draft of projects designed to reclaim 500.000 sqm former Falck areas (IT)

At the meeting held in the Sesto San Giovanni Municipal Council Hall on November 15, 2005, architect Renzo Piano and his collaborators presented the first draft of projects designed to reclaim former Falck areas to the Mayor, the Municipal Council and Municipal executives. The one and a half million square metre surface area is absolutely strategic for the future both of the city and of all northern Milan.

Mayor Giorgio Oldrini declared: "The proposal, which architect Piano presented today was very interesting though naturally it must be discussed with the entire city by involving all political forces, associations and citizens of Sesto San Giovanni. However we believe that preliminary remarks have been introduced for a serious high standard discussion."

"Today marks the beginning of a period of close cooperation between the municipal administration, Risanamento and architect Renzo Piano", declared Alberto Brunelli, Risanamento - Gruppo Zunino's Marketing and Communications Director. "This busy spell will doubtless also be profitable. On this occasion we also wish to stress that Risanamento, as requested by Mayor Giorgio Oldrini, is and will remain the Sesto San Giovanni Municipality's sole interlocutor in negotiations to obtain the approval of the intervention to reclaim former Falck areas."

Source: Risanamento

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