Rental levels of top office space in Belgrade at the historically lowest point (RS)

Based on the research of Colliers International in Serbia, office rental levels have reached their bottom levels since the beginning of the modern office market in Belgrade since 2000.

In accordance with the current economic market crisis in the world, Belgrade office rents have reached their historically lowest level at the end of 2009, as expected. The average asking rents for new office space in Belgrade were at the levels of €15.5/m²/month for Class A and €12.5/m²/month for Class B office space. Accordingly, the average achieved net rent for Class A office space was €14/m²/month, while Class B average rent marked €11/m²/month.

The total modern office space inventory (Class A and B) presently amounts to 732,000 m², out of which 73% is concentrated in the Central Business District area, which encompasses the central areas of downtown Belgrade and New Belgrade.

Among top quality office spaces available for rent on the market are: Airport City Belgrade, Tri lista duvana, MPC Plaza, ABS building in Block 26 etc. These buildings distinguish by their location and top quality. Offered at the current market prices, this represents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for tenants to move from obsolete and inadequate spaces to a unique working environment.

Source: Colliers International Serbia

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