Renaud Haberkorn becomes Chief Executive Officer of Société de la Tour Eiffel (FR)

Renaud HABERKORN took up his appointment as the company's Chief Executive Officer as from September 1, 2012.

He succeeds the founders / management Mark INCH (until now Chairman and Chief Executive Officer) and Robert WATERLAND (Managing Director), who respectively become Chairman of the Board and Chairman of the Investment Committee.

Senior partner responsible for Europe with private equity group Grove International Partners since its creation in 2005, Renaud Haberkorn (41), holds an engineering degree with ESTP and a masters in finance from Essec and boasts 15 years of experience in the realms of real estate.

Having commenced his career with Goldman Sachs, he participated in the setting up and development of Soros Real Estate Partners. In this guise, he was involved together with Mark Inch and Robert Waterland in the 2003 takeover and reorientation of Société de la Tour Eiffel to become a SIIC, holding a non executive directorship from 2004 to 2006 which role he assumed again in 2009.

Source: Capmot

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