Relaunch of Six and Sons, a conscious life and style store in Amsterdam (NL)

Six and Sons returns to Amsterdam (NL)

Six and Sons concept store will have its official relaunch with a refreshed focus on conscious life and style brands. Earlier this year Six and Sons a well known high street store in the trendy Jordaan district in Amsterdam had declared itself insolvent after trading for six years, BrandSpots acquired the company to give the well-known store a second life while becoming a platform for mindful brands and entrepreneurs.


The store focuses on curating sustainable trendsetting brands from all over the world. The name of the store remains the same to express and preserve the uniqueness of what its founder first started in 2013, while the meaning of what the store symbolises has changed. Six, represents ‘six degrees of separation’, the idea that all people are six, or fewer social connections away from each other or only six steps away from being friends and creating a community. With S.O.N.S representing, ‘Save Our Nature Story’, since every brand that is selected has a story on how it wants to reduce waste and save our planet.


Each brand in the store has a story to tell, whether that story is about using recycled materials, sourcing organic fabric, using innovative manufacturing processes and/or making charitable contributions, the Six and Sons selection aspires to provide quality content while caring about the state of our planet and striving to reduce waste. The space is a physical platform for brands and welcomes exciting and a unique selection of men/womenswear, f&b, jewellery, homeware and giftware. It is also a meeting space for product launches, events, and experiential concepts, with the online platform to relaunch in September 2019.


The idea is to create innovative ways for brands to interact and collaborate while using the store as a platform to express their sustainable approach to retail, mixing f&b and sustainable brands to create an environment where people will want to stay longer and 'experience' the brands. The story is the most important element and the staff are the storytellers, providing Retail as a Service (RaaS) to our brands.


There are currently 20 brands featured with many more joining the ranks in the coming months. Tanel Veenre Jewellery, Qwstion bags, Shade Shares sunglasses, Ores women’s clothing, Pretty Different vintage jewellery, Collectif mon Amour from Modissa women’s clothing, Memoize perfume, Lisa Kroeber jewellery, Lana Siberie women’s clothing and accessories, Kapdaa Offcuts notebooks, Honey and Toast handbags, Fatface Swimwear, Ecobirdy recycled toy furniture, Divine Chocolate, Different Cookie, Calaca – ceramic art, A.Andreassen footwear, Pure Kakaw experiential concept, Homecore men’s fashion and Blue Q giftware.


The store will be a research hub for the brands involved with analytics to understand in-store interactions and provided by Vision Retail AnalyticsSix and Sons has just won the "De Goede Zaak Amsterdam" for the second year in a row, awarded for being a store that represents distinctiveness and diversity.

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