Redevco to start work on Promenade Sainte-Catherine in Bordeaux (FR)

Redevco has presented the concept of its new emblematic project in France: the urban renovation of nearly 30,000 m², committed to BREEAM standards, in Bordeaux's historic city center.

Promenade Sainte Catherine

The Promenade Sainte-Catherine is scheduled for completion by April 2015.

Consisting of 19,000 m² of innovative, open-air commercial space as well as 9,000 m² of residential properties, this ambitious project launched by REDEVCO represents a total investment of €105 million. The development aims to consolidate and stimulate commerce in the city center, in keeping with the vision of the city of Bordeaux.

Located in Bordeaux's main shopping district and directly linked to a particularly lively neighbourhood and to Rue Sainte-Catherine, Redevco's Promenade Sainte-Catherine project will breathe new life into the disused Sud-Ouest printing works as a pedestrian district combining shopping, living and leisure.

Structured around a main square, the Promenade Sainte-Catherine architectural and commercial concept will bring together brands with separate shopfronts, creating a new public space that will also feature regular cultural and leisure events.

The project will offer 32 retail units: nine large spaces, seven medium-sized units and sixteen smaller units, including a dynamic restaurant offering and a varied mix of new prêt-à-porter brands to better meet the shopping needs of the people of Bordeaux. Managed by Nexity, the residential portion will be used to create 93 flats and 40 parking spaces.

Constituting a true 'urban transplant', the entire project will provide visitors and residents with an exceptional environment that combines modernity and historical heritage, as well as great retail potential for national and international brands, most of which will be new to the city center.

The many restaurants on-site will also play a key role in the dynamic character of the area both during the day and at night.

Designed by the Valode & Pistre architectural firm, the Promenade Sainte-Catherine is scheduled for completion by April 2015.

"The Promenade Sainte-Catherine reflects the essence of our core business and our investment strategy in France: a high-quality retail project in line with BREEAM standards and linked to a major shopping district in one of France's main cities. We are very proud to be supporting the vigorous commercial growth of a UNESCO World Heritage city so rich in history and artistic tradition," underscores Julien Di Pizzo, Senior Developer at REDEVCO France.

Redevco's activities in France focus primarily on high-quality retail properties in large city centers.

Source: Redevco

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