Redevco announces official reopening of Shopping Flémalle center (BE)

Redevco Retail Belgium has just completed a major renovation and densification programme at its Flémalle site. The two-year redevelopment was carried out in two phases. The complex, now renamed Shopping Flémalle, is one of Liège's most important peripheral retail parks. The official opening will take place on Friday, May 11.

Shopping Flemalle

Redevco has invested €7.3 million in the redevelopment project.

In addition to retaining Carrefour, Brico, Lunch Garden and Auto 5, Redevco has attracted new names such as Krëfel, Ava, Cassis-Paprika, Maxi Toys, Casa, Pronti, Pearle and Quick for this 21,000 m² site. Redevco has invested €7.3 million in the redevelopment project.

Shopping Flémalle is located in southwest Liège on the Meuse River along the N617 to Huy. The park boasts over 720 parking spaces.

Built back in the 1970s, the park was in a poor state when Redevco Retail Belgium started renovating at the beginning of 2010. The first phase of the redevelopment process involved reducing the sales area of the Carrefour hypermarket to free up space to open a new 2,900 m² Krëfel shop.

The second phase saw the construction of a new building in the car park to accommodate six new shops: Ava (1,000 m²), Maxi Toys (600 m²), Casa (600 m²), Cassis-Paprika (500 m²), Pronti (500 m²) and Pearle (250 m²). The new building, coupled with the new Quick restaurant opening in a few months' time at the entrance to the car park, greatly enhances the site's attractiveness and business mix.

As part of the redevelopment, the entire infrastructure of the site has been renovated, and new parking spaces and secure pedestrian walkways created. Now featuring wooden slatted cladding and vertical light boxes, the facades of the existing Carrefour hypermarket have been renovated in the same architectural style as the new buildings. The new architecture imparts a sense of unity to the entire site, and gives it a fresh, contemporary look.

Cushman & Wakefield was involved in marketing the additional retail space. The plan was built by Verelst to a design by L'Atelier.

The project reflects Redevco's ambitious renovation policy, which aims to refurbish and optimise its shopping center portfolio to create model retail complexes. Redevco Retail Belgium is both owner and developer of this property.

Source: Redevco

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