Redevco announces changes to the Board (NL)

Jaap Gillis MBA FRICS and Dr Robert Lie will both step down as Members of the Board of Redevco with effect from December 31, 2011. After having completed several ongoing assignments, they will be leaving the company on March 31, 2012. This has been decided in mutual consent.

Redevco has decided to cease its activities in emerging markets and will temporarily withdraw from Asia to focus on its core European markets.

Jaap Gillis joined Redevco in March 2006. Before that he was Member of the Board of Amstelland/Multi Development Corporation and Chairman of the Board of ING Real Estate International. Robert Lie joined Redevco in 2008 and has a track record of 11 years in the Asian real estate markets. Before his role at Redevco he was CEO of ING REIM Asia and responsible for the integration of Rodamco Asia into ING REIM.

Gillis: "I consider the phase that Redevco is entering into at the moment as a logical moment to explore continuing my career outside of Redevco. I will leave behind a solid well-respected retail real estate company, with which we achieved excellent results."

Lie: "Now that Redevco has decided to focus on their core European markets and temporarily withdraw from the Asian market I am working with the existing team here to secure alternative investors to continue our Asian shopping mall activities in Asia with our specialist team."

Source: Redevco

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