REDD secures planning for Mayfair mixed-use scheme (GB)

REDD secures planning for Mayfair mixed-use scheme (GB)

REDD has received planning permission from Westminster City Council for Mayfair’s first ‘COVID-19 compliant’ mixed-use development at 82 Mount Street, a €45m (£40m GDV) 10,000ft² scheme with COVID-19 safeguarding and homeworking features, offering a luxury-brand ground floor retail boutique, lower ground floor offices and five upper floors, providing lateral apartments and a penthouse. Devised after close consultation between REDD, Grosvenor and Westminster City Council both before and during the UK lockdown, 82 Mount Street is the first major Mayfair property development to receive planning consent since the London housing market was restarted two weeks ago.


Construction work to redevelop the property into the new mixed-use scheme will start in the Autumn of 2020 with build completion scheduled for late 2021. Within both the communal areas and private apartment living spaces REDD are looking to make finishes and surfaces from anti-viral materials. For example REDD are exploring using materials such as antibacterial copper for key touchpoint surfaces – because it kills COVID-19 in just four hours, compared to three days for finishes such as steel. REDD are also looking at installing special air filtration systems for the apartments to ensure the highest standards of health and safety.  Given that days working from home are going to become standard for all, the new apartments at 82 Mount Street are also being designed to provide proper professional facilities for working from home, not just a novelty study space. 


The new ground-floor retail boutique is the first new shop on Mount Street to be given planning consented since 2014. The company expects that given the location, the space will attract a luxury retailer. 


Russell Smithers, Managing Director of the REDD operation in London says: “82 Mount Street is REDD’s first multi-unit boutique residential scheme in London and the first ‘Covid compliant’ development to get planning consent in Mayfair since the UK lockdown ended, so we anticipate a lot of interest in the project. REDD are delighted to have achieved consent for this landmark Mayfair development, which is the result of us working closely with Grosvenor and Westminster City Council to develop a design that will reinvigorate this important building, whilst still respecting the heritage context’. The proposals will see the retail offering of Mount Street extended further west towards Park Lane, and the creation of Mayfair’s best-dressed pied-à-terre’s which are designed to offer the highest standards of luxury, alongside health and safety, in our new COVID-19 world.” 



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