Real Estate Economics Master Program in Bucharest starts its second year (RO)

The second year of the Real Estate Economics Master Program, the first post-graduate program for real estate studies in Romania, will start in October. The Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest and Eurisko, leader of the real estate consultancy and brokerage market in Romania, started this initiative last year and have continued this year as well.

The Master's Program aims to train professionals both on the real estate market, in real estate financing, and within the government departments that deal with real estate. The Program is comprised of three semesters including lectures and practical projects, joined by a semester dedicated to preparing the graduation thesis. The curriculum will include lectures on various themes, such as consultancy, assessment, inspection, funding and management of real estate, analysis of real estate investments, zoning, architecture etc.

"Through this social initiative, we mean to take the first step towards increasing and improving the professionalism of the Romanian real estate market. Eurisko was glad to participate in this program and donated specialty books and materials, laying the foundation for the first real estate library in Romania. The company also granted the Eurisko scholarship. Moreover, one of the company's managers, Adrian Nicolescu, will deliver the real estate consultancy lecture, starting in the program's third semester," says Despina Ponomarenco, Eurisko's Public Relations Coordinator.

The project launched by ASE and Eurisko has caught the eye of other companies as well. ProLogis, the world's leading logistic space developer, has joined the program as sponsor and will grant three scholarships to the students.

Source: Eurisko

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