Real Capital Analytics and BulwienGesa expand relationship (US/DE)

Commercial property research firm Real Capital Analytics (RCA) has announced that it has expanded its relationship with BulwienGesa to include transactional data in 17 Central and Eastern European countries in addition to Germany.

As part of the new agreement, BulwienGesa will license its data and collaborate with RCA regarding property sales transactions for Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine and Turkey.

"We are delighted to broaden our relationship with BulwienGesa which enables us to more accurately track commercial property sales activity in Europe," said Joseph Mannina, RCA's Chief Operating Officer.

"It would be very difficult to replicate the access to local commercial property information that BulwienGesa provides us with for these countries."

Thomas Vosskamp, Managing Director of BulwienGesa, said "We are glad to have entered into a preferred partnership with RCA. The goal of both companies is to provide the highest-quality information services for the real estate industry, so we are proud to contribute our expertise in Central and Eastern Europe, and of course Germany."

RCA has 17 data partnerships around the world and has recently formed agreements with RP Data (Australia and New Zealand), JLR Real Estate Builders (Canada), Bregman-Baraz Real Estate (Israel) and Vida Imobiliaria (Brazil) to improve its coverage of commercial transactions internationally.

Source: RCA

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