Real Berlin III investment fund launched to invest in Berlin properties (DE)

Real Capital (Holding), a regional real estate investment group, has launched a special purpose investment fund, Real Berlin III, to invest in Berlin real estate.

Like its predecessors, Real Berlin I and Real Berlin II, Real Berlin III plans to seize real estate investment opportunities in the capital of Germany where properties trade at a substantial discount to other European cities.

In 2010, Real Capital purchased, via Real Berlin II and its other affiliates, eight residential and commercial buildings in Berlin.

According to its general partners, lead by Karim Salameh and Karim Sinno, the fund will focus on fully rented well-located properties that are expected to produce alluring and safe returns on invested capital.

Real Berlin III is the third and largest Berlin investment vehicle launched by Real Capital, which pioneered MENA structured investments in the capital of Germany.

Source: Real Capital Holding

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