Re&Solution sells shares to Stronghold holding (LT/SE)

International property adviser Re&Solution has entered into close cooperation with one of Northern Europe's leading real estate consulting companies, Newsec. Owner of Newsec – Stronghold – has become one of Re&Solution major shareholders. Stronghold is a Swedish holding company which also owns the companies Niam and Datcha.

"Taking into account close Baltic and Scandinavian business cooperation, this step certainly will strengthen and expand Re&Solution's real estate market position, especially in cooperation with those investors, developers, partners from Scandinavia," says CEO of Re&Solution Rièardas Èepas.

"This is the next natural step in establishing Newsec as the full service property house in Northern Europe," says Max Barclay, Head of International Operations at Newsec.

"The Baltic States is an important market for several of our existing clients and the acquisition of Re&Solution means that we can help clients who already have engagements, as well as those who are targeting the Baltic States for new investments."

Re&Solution is the leading regional provider of integral real estate, financial, investment and property management services in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Having strong local coverage and backing of world-wide leading property consultants, the company is recognized as one of the most unique and professional advisory sources throughout the Baltic region. Re&Solution is a winner of Euromoney Liquid awards 2008 in various nominations for the Baltic region.

Source: Re&Solution

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