Raiffeisen evolution building to reshape Bucharest skyline (RO)

In the role of turnkey contractor, Raiffeisen evolution is building a large-scale project consisting of a 37-floor office tower, known as SkyTower, and a seven-floor office building, Floreasca Office, in the northern part of Bucharest.


Works have already reached the 12th floor of SkyTower.

Within the same real estate project, Raiffeisen evolution is also constructing the Promenada shopping center, now assuming the developer's role.

The most spectacular constructive element is, however, SkyTower which - at 137 meters – will be the tallest building in the capital. Once completed, the building will reshape the skyline.

On November 21, 2011, Raiffeisen evolution completed the sale of SkyTower to Raiffeisen Property InternationaI GmbH, which is part of the Raiffeisen Bank International AG (RBI) group. The Romanian affiliate of RBI, Raiffeisen Bank S.A., will set up its new head office in Bucharest.

Raiffeisen Bank International: proof of trust in the CEE markets
At the beginning of 2013, after the completion of the construction works, Raiffeisen Bank S.A. will relocate to SkyTower, where it will occupy floors two to seven, and Floreasca Office, the seven-floor building located in the immediate vicinity of the tower.

"Romania is, and remains for us, a very important market in Central and Eastern Europe – a market that continues to offer great potential.

"The planned relocation to SkyTower is one more step in proving this trust," stated Herbert Stepic, Chairman of the RBI Board.

Excellent location, strong architecture – elements granting success
Markus Neurauter, spokesperson for the Executive Management of Raiffeisen evolution said: "This project was initially designed for investors, but after the change of the boundary conditions – namely the decision of Raiffeisen Bank in Romania to have a new headquarters – it developed into a service contract."

Steven van Groningen, CEO of Raiffeisen Bank S.A., added: "The offer of attractive office spaces that comply with our requirements is very scarce in Bucharest. This is the reason why we look forward to the completion of SkyTower and Floreasca Office and are pleased to provide our clients and our employees an optimal business environment."

The construction works for this mega-project are running at full power; today, the works have already reached the 12th floor, in parallel with the ongoing facade works.

"Considering the exceptional architecture and the excellent location, we are confident that we will be able to lease the remaining available areas in SkyTower, securing the best conditions," stated Roland Gewessler, Managing Director of the Raiffeisen Property International.

Source: Raiffeisen evolution

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