Rabobank Nederland to redevelop its Eindhoven offices (NL)

Rabobank Nederland is to prepare its office on Fellenoord in Eindhoven for the future. At the current location the high-rise will gradually make way for a new, more sustainable office to fit in with the requirements of employees, both for today and for the future.

With this development Rabobank Nederland is going for a secure, attractive and flexible working environment based on the New Ways of Working. The future office will be given a broad range of facilities, varying from concentration workstations to meeting areas, and from rooms for meetings to spaces for presentations, workshops and development.

There will be 1,500 workspaces for around 2,000 employees and 544 parking spaces. The new office will be more sustainable than the current one with the focus placed on energy-efficiency and the re-use of building materials for as far as possible. The office's surroundings will also receive a stimulus with freely accessible and attractive public outside spaces.

Station area stimulus

The redevelopment of the Rabobank offices fits in perfectly with the Municipality of Eindhoven's urban planning vision. In close consultation with the Municipality of Eindhoven, Rabobank Nederland, together with the development syndicate of OVG/MAB, wants to make the link between Woensel-Zuid and the central station and the center of Eindhoven more attractive and more accessible.

Phased development

The new offices will be developed in phases. The first phase comprises the demolition of the office blocks and new construction on the same spot. This work is expected to start in September 2013. In the interim staff will be accommodated in the low-rise building. Rabobank Nederland's new offices on Fellenoord are scheduled to be completed in 2016. They will then be fitted out and staff is expected to move into the property in 2017. The redevelopment of the present low-rise building will only start once the Rabobank staff has left this part of the office site in 2017. The parties involved are still looking into this second phase.

Source: OVG

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