Rabo Bouwfonds to review its brands (NL)

Rabo Bouwfonds has chosen for a new brand structure, in which the corporate Rabo Bouwfonds brand is leading and the divisions are easily identified as being part of Rabo Bouwfonds. Since December of 2006, Rabo Bouwfonds has been the property division of Rabobank. Property-related core activities – development, finance and investment management – are conducted by Bouwfonds Property Development, Rabo Vastgoed, FGH Bank, Bouwfonds Asset Management and Bouwfonds Public Fund Management.

The ambition is to obtain leading positions for all activities in the Netherlands, as well as in several other European countries, such as France and Germany. In order to realise that ambition, Rabo Bouwfonds is looking to carve out a recognisable, powerful position for itself. In this regard Rabo Bouwfonds wants to build on the good reputations of both Bouwfonds and Rabobank. That is why a new brand structure will be adopted.

Specifically, this means that:

  • The holding company uses the Rabo Bouwfonds label.
  • The Development division will be named Rabo Bouwfonds Development. The definitive name for the Dutch and foreign activities will be introduced in the course of 2008. As of that time, all development activities in the Netherlands and abroad will be working with the same name.
  • From 1 January 2008 until the definitive transition to the new name, all development activities in the Netherlands and abroad will operate under the name Bouwfonds Property Development, where possible endorsed by 'part of Rabo Bouwfonds'. The Rabo Vastgoed and Bouwfonds MAB Ontwikkeling CVG brands will continue to be used for ongoing projects. The subsidiaries of Bouwfonds MAB Ontwikkeling and Rabo Vastgoed will retain their own brands.
  • In the course of 2008, Bouwfonds Asset Management will start operating under the Rabo Bouwfonds REIM (Real Estate Investment Management) label.
  • In 2008, FGH Bank will be endorsed by 'part of Rabo Bouwfonds'. In this way, FGH Bank will continue to serve its specific market with its own brand name, as part of Rabo Bouwfonds. FGH Bank subsidiaries Nederlandse Hypotheekbank and Rijnlandse Bank are considering a new, joint name.
  • Bouwfonds Public Fund Management is still considering a name change.

Source: Rabo Bouwfonds

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