Rabo Bouwfonds to become Rabo Real Estate Group (NL)

As of 1 January 2009, Rabo Bouwfonds will change its name to Rabo Real Estate Group. The name change is the result of a new brand policy. This policy is based on a structure in which the four divisions of the Rabo Real Estate Group, each with its own brand, are active in the various markets. The decision for the new name Rabo Real Estate Group as an umbrella entity is the result of the integration process of the various real estate activities within the Rabobank Group. This process was launched after the takeover of Bouwfonds in 2006.

The Rabo Real Estate Group consists of: Bouwfonds Property Development (residential development), MAB Development (commercial property development), FGH Bank (financing) and Bouwfonds REIM (investment management). The management of social funds will be continued under the name Fondsenbeheer Nederland. The present holding company of Rabo Bouwfonds will be named Rabo Real Estate Group Holding. Over the coming months, the new brand policy will be implemented in the various organisations.

The name Rabo Real Estate Group confirms the combination of real estate activities within the Rabobank Group. Through its various divisions, the group is active as a whole in almost every segment of the property sector. The Rabo Real Estate Group is therefore one of the largest parties in the Dutch and European property market. The name Rabo Vastgoedgroep will be used for the Dutch market.

Source: Rabo Bouwfonds

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