Quantum sets up 'US Property Partners' joint venture for the investment management of US real estate (DE)

Quantum Immobilien AG (Quantum) has set up the joint venture US Property Partners (USPP) together with the Hamburg-based company econfina GmbH and Davey Companies, LP based in Houston, US.

The aim of the joint venture is to manage US real estate investments for European investors. The partners are counting in particular on the benefits gained by sharing their access to markets in the US and Germany. The new venture will appeal to institutional investors, but also issuing houses and family offices. Investment will be focused on commercial properties in US metropolitan regions.

"The ongoing process of consolidation is already providing very interesting opportunities for investing in US real estate", explains Paul M. Davey, Managing Partner of USPP. "However, given the current situation on the US financial and real estate markets, we expect investor interest to be focused for the time being on core properties, in particular modern and energy-efficient office properties with long-term rental agreements."

Philipp Schmitz-Morkramer, CEO of Quantum Immobilien AG, reports as a provider of special real estate funds and alternative investment products: "We are receiving more and more inquiries from German investors who would like to increase their exposure in the US or invest in US real estate for the first time. Thanks to US Property Partners' excellent contacts on the US real estate market, we are able to offer investors extremely good market access for the acquisition and investment management of attractive properties".

USPP's services include defining investment profiles, looking for suitable properties, carrying out acquisition processes as well as asset management. USPP also draws up market analyses and provides advice on financing. The Managing Partners of USPP are Paul M. Davey and Johann Schad. The company has twin headquarters in Houston and Hamburg.

The two partners have already been collaborating successfully within the context of transactions for over five years. All in all they have already assisted in real estate transactions as investors, project developers, property developers, fund managers and consultants in more than 10 countries.

Source: Quantum

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