Quality and innovation in digital signage displays

With one of the most comprehensive ranges of digital signage displays on the market, Philips can now deliver marketing and informative messages that have never been so stylish. Whether in a networked environment or standalone single public display, the elegant screens are characterized by low total cost of ownership and designed for optimal image reproduction in a broad range of retail areas.

By Kim Meijer


Philips 55" Multi-User Touch Display & Table BDT5530EM

Philips' public signage display solutions range in screen size up to 65 inches and are widely categorized in an entry level series, value series, video wall series, 3D glasses-free, ultra-thin LED series, and an extensive multi-user touch series.

As one of the pioneers in the public signage industry, the Philips brand is synonymous with quality and innovation. And alongside that comes the responsibility we all have towards the protection of our environment.

Because of this, the Philips range of public signage displays has been developed to consume as little power as possible, without compromising the quality of the image. Across the entire range, the goal to lower the total cost of ownership and reduce our own footprint on the planet's resources is one the company aggressively focuses on.

Philips Public Signage leads the field in the public signage sector with the most wideranging interactive multi-user touch displays. Wilfred de Man, General Manager of Public Signage EMEA, explains: "Now touch has truly made an entrance in many products and people are more involved, we see the need for interaction and simultaneous communication. With the Multi-User Touch Series we are ready for the future."

Interactive Retail Experience
In today's digital signage market, ROI can no longer be based only on the cost of digital signs versus static printed signs. Digital signage must add value and drive additional return. So what exactly does that additional return look like? It comes from one major feature: interactivity. Interactive digital signage represents a great shift in the thought process that goes on behind the way consumers shop.

There is a big difference between watching and participating. Traditional media most often treated the consumer almost like an observer. But with the use of interactive displays the shopping experience is shifting from one-way communication to two-way communication, whereat the consumer feels more engaged. And this is one of the important criteria to meet while the expectations of the independent and well-informed consumer are growing.

Multi-touch displays
The latest Philips BDT multitouch series comprises some 30 different multi-touch products in various categories. Multi-touch screens range from 32, 42 and 55 inches, right up to the biggest at 65 inches, as well as different sizes of touch tables, touch kiosks, indoor and outdoor touch totems being available. "This exciting range of touch displays enhances our already wide range of displays and shows our commitment to delivering performance interactive displays to everyone's fingertips," says de Man.

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