Public private partnership agreement Huizen signed (NL)

On October 27, 2008, after an intensive period of preparation, Foruminvest BV and co-developer Visser Bouw Maatschappij BV from Huizen and the Municipality of Huizen have signed a public private partnership agreement.

This document sets forth the keynote arrangements, which provide the basis of the development of the second phase of the extension of the main shopping center of Huizen, the Keucheniusstraat. This development will add approximately 9,000 m² GLA of retail space to the existing shopping area of Huizen.

The Municipality of Huizen will take the responsibility for the realisation of the extension of the underground parking garage up to 510 places, directly under the new shopping area. The inner city development will be completed with the realisation of approximately twenty residential apartments by the developers.

The opening of the new shops is scheduled in the autumn of 2011.

Source: Foruminvest

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