Public officials sign Zuidas-Dok agreement (NL)

The State, the Amsterdam City Council, the province of Noord-Holland and the Regionaal Orgaan Amsterdam (a partnership of 16 Amsterdam councils) have ratified agreements made earlier about the procedures concerning the establishment of the Zuidas-Dok Initiative. It regards decisions pertaining to the financial contributions of the individual parties and the requirements of the plan for the Zuidas-Dok Initiative.

The State and the Amsterdam City Council selected five financial organizations in September 2005 for possible participation in the Zuidas-Dok Initiative: ABN Amro Bank, Bank Nederlandse Gemeenten, Fortis Bank, ING Real Estate and Rabobank Nederland (listed here alphabetically). The final decision about the execution of the Zuidas-Dok plan, which concerns the development of the underground infrastructure, is expected at the beginning of 2007.

The total investment for the Zuidas-Dok on the prestigious Zuidas in Amsterdam amounts to approximately €2 billion over a period of more than 20 years. The final investment that the various parties will make in addition to this initial amount, is approximately €3 to €4 billion for a real estate program comprising about 1 million m².

Source: Project Agency Zuidas

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