PST moves to ProLogis Park Uzice, with expansion planned (CZ)

PST Ostrava, one of the leading Czech logistic and customs services providers, moves after the sale of its own warehouses into brand new premises in ProLogis Park Uzice. The key decisive factor to change own premises for lease agreement were ideal conditions for future expansion plans. The transaction confirms continuous revival of the key industrial market players.

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ProLogis Park in Uzice, Czech Republic/

One of the reasons to move for PST was the insufficient capacity of the older warehouse in Melnik. Therefore, PST sold the warehouse to an e-commerce company Zasobovani in autumn 2009. Zasobovani services shopping malls and operates an e-shop aimed at consumer electronics and household goods.

"With a view to current projects as well as future development opportunities, we also needed to get closer to high capacity transport infrastructure. This requirement is perfectly met by the adjacent D8 highway. The terms offered by ProLogis Park Uzice enable us to develop our upcoming business projects, giving us the best choice from a variety of alternatives. According to our long term strategy of progress logistics (i.e. not only satisfying current needs of our clients, but also optimizing our services for all apects of client's future development), the expansion possibility played a crucial role in our final decision," says Rudolf Maly, Executive Director and Deputy Chairman of PST Ostrava's Board of Directors.

„Our relocation into new premises of ProLogis Park Uzice was a logical consequence of modernization of our warehouse space and growing portfolio of our clients. ProLogis Park was thus an optimal choice regarding our potential future expansion. We're more than pleased that we're able to realize such projects despite current tough times for logistics," added Dalibor Sosna, Commercial Director of PST Ostrava.

Colliers International has been – thanks to a successful cooperation on the sale of PST's former warehouse – exclusively appointed to represent PST Ostrava in mediating the new lease. "The lease concerns 3,900 m² of modern warehouse space in total. The decisive role was played by the developer's guarantee to enable PST future expansion within ProLogis Park Uzice" describes Simona Cerna, Associate Director of Colliers International Industrial department, who acted on behalf of PST Ostrava.

According to Karel Stransky, Managing Partner of Collies International and Director of Industrial department, the expansion plans of a number of logistic operators represent an important indicator of the continuous revival of the industrial real estate market. "Logistics is an industry, which steadily generates about 30% of the total industrial demand. And it is logical - a significant number of companies from other business sectors realize their supply management needs through logistic operators. Therefore, these companies, to certain extent, indicate future trends of the entire industrial market," explains Stransky. "{Rising number of logistic expansions present very good news for the market," concludes Karel Stransky.

ProLogis Park Uzice is located close to the town of Melnik, only 9 km north-east of Prague. Perfect transport connection is secured

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