PROVADA Real Estate Investors Debate (NL)

On Tuesday, June 10, the Real Estate Investor's Debate will take place on the first day of the PROVADA (June 10-12) in Forum Room 1 at the RAI in Amsterdam. This international debate will be moderated by Prof. P.M. Eichholtz, Chair of the Real Estate and Finance department at the University of Maastricht, and will cover two themes: Cross Border Investment and Alternative Investment.

From Tuesday 10 to Thursday 12 June 2008, the RAI in Amsterdam will be host to
PROVADA: the Real Estate Fair for national and international property professionals. For three days the RAI will be the meeting point for representatives from institutional investment funds, banks, building contractors, housing corporations, municipalities, property developers, architects, real estate agents, government organizations, and tenants/end users. PROVADA offers a platform for the exchange of knowledge and skills. This International Fair provides ample opportunity to enter into strategic joint ventures, inform the public of prestigious activities/projects and build up relationships with a variety of market parties.

This year's edition of the Real Estate Investors' Debate focuses on two themes, namely International Investment and Alternative Real Estate Products.

For years, the Netherlands has been at the forefront of cross-border investment. The major Dutch institutional investors

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