PROVADA Cross Border & Alternative Investment debates (NL)

On Tuesday, June 10 Real Estate Publishers (REP) is organizing the Real Estate Investors' Debate, taking place on the first day in Forum Room 1 of the PROVADA at the RAI in Amsterdam. This international debate will be moderated by Prof. P.M. Eichholtz, Chair of the Real Estate and Finance department at the University of Maastricht.

From Tuesday 10 to Thursday 12 June 2008, the RAI in Amsterdam will host PROVADA: the Real Estate Fair for national and international property professionals. For three days the RAI will be the meeting point for representatives from institutional investment funds, banks, building contractors, housing corporations, municipalities, property developers, architects, real estate agents, government organizations, and tenants/end users.

This year's edition of the Real Estate Investors' Debate, organized by REP, takes place on Tuesday June 10 in Forum Room 1 and focuses on two themes, each debated by a separate panel of experts: Cross Border Investments and Alternative Investments.

The first panel starts at 13:00 hour and will study Cross Border Investment.
Prof. Piet Eichholtz: "The Netherlands leads the way when it comes to international investment, with major institutional investors, pension funds, and insurers investing internationally. Experienced specialists will give their vision on international real estate markets, taking the worldwide banking crisis into account. Europe, America, and Asia will be discussed in detail."

FLTR: Piet Eichholtz, Chair of the Real Estate and Finance department at the University of Maastricht; Gerard Groener, CEO CORIO; Jaap Blokhuis, CEO Redevco Europe; Tim Sketchley, Chairman Capital Markets Group Cushman & Wakefield; Buddy Roes, Country Manager ING REIM.

The second panel start at 14:30 hour and examine Alternative Investments
Prof. Piet Eichholtz: "Traditionally, institutional real estate embraces offices, retail and residential. Due to changes in legislation, hospitals, rest homes, and housing cooperation's use the capital market to finance real estate more than ever before. The cash flow yielded by this kind of real estate is very stable. The intentions of some major institutional investors will be examined."

FLTR: Aart Hordijk, Chairman Real Estate Council of the Netherlands; Robert White, President Real Capital Analytics (RCA); Robert Jan Foortse, Senior Portfolio Manager ABP Investments; Hans op 't Veld, Senior Investment Strategist Investments PGGM; Martin Armistead, DTZ's Head of EMEA Hospitality.

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