ProRail awards Heijmans part of 'Sporen in Den Bosch' project (NL)

ProRail has awarded Heijmans the contract for realization of the substructure for the 'Sporen in Den Bosch' (Rails in Den Bosch) project. Both parties will sign the basic agreement on December 22, 2010. The project involves turnover of approximately € 26 million.

Heijmans was awarded the contract after submitting the best Design and Construct tender, which incorporated well-considered phasing, a very short build time and an innovative building method.

The result for ProRail in a quicker solution for its existing bottleneck, less inconvenience during construction and lower additional costs for temporary facilities.

The 'Sporen in Den Bosch' project involves the creation of a fly-over junction to the north of the 's-Hertogenbosch train station so that trains heading to 's-Hertogenbosch from Utrecht and Nijmegen can cross paths without obstacle. The rail junction at the city river the Dieze will also be expanded from two to four tracks. For this part of the project, Heijmans will design and build a single-track fly-over of approximately 330 m, a single-track bridge crossing the Dieze of approximately 150 m and replace the existing double-track bridge over the Dieze. The work will be executed by Heijmans Beton - en Waterbouw (Heijmans Concrete and Hydraulic Engineering).

Work will start on the design in January 2011. Completion is planned for July 2013.

Source: Heijmans

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