Property Partners unveils its PP Belgium S.A. team (LU/BE)

Property Partners, an independent company founded by real estate professionals and the market leader in Luxembourg, continues its phase of international expansion and unveils the members of the PP Belgium S.A. team.

PP Belgium S.A. comprises Pierre de Haan Hettema Vanalbada as General Manager, Jan-Willem de Wit, Investment Consultant, and Joke Plasman, Retail Consultant.

The arrival of a fourth employee in Valuations and Property Management is imminent. His name will be announced on confirmation of his start date.

Created on October 20, 2011, PP Belgium S.A. plans to offer the same kind of services in the commercial real estate sector as those already offered by Property Partners in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, namely advisory and quality services in the areas of brokerage (sales and lettings, investment, property management, valuation and sustainable development).

PP Belgium S.A. reflects the will of the five partners to create the first independent real estate group with a Luxembourgish origin.

Thanks to its experience and to the entrepreneurial spirit of its shareholders, at the end of 2011 Property Partners announced its international expansion with the creation of PP Belgium S.A. in Brussels.

A few months later, at a dinner held in Cannes during MIPIM in the presence of the Mayor of the City of Luxembourg, Xavier Bettel, PP Belgium S.A. unveiled its team.

"I wish Pierre Vanalbada, and the entire team, every success in their new role within our group," said Vincent Bechet, Managing Director of Property Partners.

"In light of his brilliant career, I have no doubt about Pierre's ability to successfully develop our activities in Belgium with the same dynamic and the same spirit that has inspired us at Property Partners for over 10 years."

Pierre Vanalbada, General Manager of PP Belgium S.A., who has many years of experience in real estate, affirms himself as "strengthened by the know-how, professionalism, ethics and societal values advocated and developed by Property Partners for more than 10 years".

Vanalbada and his team will ensure continuity in respect of the company's values and the quality of services for current and future customers of PP Belgium S.A. PP Belgium S.A. will then fully ensure activities such as valuation, property management, investment and retail brokerage, as well as sustainable development that will soon complete the offer of services.

By establishing a permanent presence in Belgium, the Property Partners team is confident of providing a practical response to strong demand from its Belgian customers, to consolidate the development of current business, and to promote cross-border exchanges.

Source: Property Partners SA

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