ProLogis ends last quarter of 2010 with rental contracts for almost 100,000 m² (NL)

ProLogis, a leading global provider of distribution facilities, concluded and extended a great many rental contracts in the last quarter of 2010. The total runs to 91,648 m² in distribution floor area. The new agreements have been concluded for distribution parks in Eemhaven and Maasvlakte in Rotterdam. The contract extensions refer to the locations Schiphol, Eemhaven and Maasvlakte.

Developments Rotterdam
Particularly the Rotterdam developments are special. ProLogis has now let out almost all its available storage space in Rotterdam. ProLogis concluded the most comprehensive agreement with C. Steinweg Handelsveem B.V., with the contract running over almost 60,000 m² in Eemhaven and Maasvlakte. Moreover, this company has extended the existing Eemhaven and Maasvlakte contracts, covering more than 11,000 m².

In addition, ProLogis has signed a new agreement with VCK Rotterdam BV, a Rotterdam supplier of logistics services for Eemhaven (more than 4,200 m²). Also ProLogis realized various lease extensions with current customers. The Rotterdam contracts with a Japanese supplier of logistic services and an UK bases company have also been extended, covering more than 16,000 m².

ProLogis has also done business in Schiphol in the last quarter of 2010. Here the contract with a Japanese telecommunications company has been extended.

Joseph Ghazal, Regional Head Northern Europe at ProLogis: "Overall our leasing activities in the Benelux in 2010 cover 247,000 m², including all new leases and extended contracts. This presents a good market share and underlines our feeling that the market is growing again to some extent."

Bram Verhoeven, Vice President ProLogis Benelux: "We are very happy with these rental agreements. They are evidence of a cautious rise in confidence among our customers in 2010. We have seen a slight recovery this year. We hope that this trend will continue through 2011 and that we as ProLogis will be able to offer support to our customers wherever necessary."

All recent agreements:

  • VCK Rotterdam BV, Rotterdam supplier of logistics services, concludes contract for 4,231 m² in Eemhaven DC2.
  • C. Steinweg Handelsveem B.V. signs agreement for Eemhaven DC1 (12,850 m²), Eemhaven DC4 (8,623 m²), Maasvlakte DC3 (25,680 m²) and Maasvlakte DC2 (12,055 m²). This company also extends contracts for Eemhaven DC4 (6,553 m²) and Eemhaven DC2 (4,661 m²).
  • Japanese supplier of logistics services extends contract over 7,780 m² in Maasvlakte DC2.
  • UK-based company extends lease in Eemhaven DC3 covering 8,539 m².
  • Japanese communications company extends contract over 676 m² in Schiphol DC1.

Real estate agents
The agreements were concluded in cooperation with various combinations of real estate agents. Ooms and DTZ Zadelhoff were involved in the deals in the Eemhaven area. On Maasvlakte, it was a combination of Ooms, Jones Lang LaSalle and DTZ Zadelhoff.

Source: Porter Novelli

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