PROCHEM to design and develop for Technology Park in Szczawno Zdrój and Wałbrzych (PL)

PROCHEM SA, as the leader of the consortium, has signed with Dolnoœlaska Agencja Rozwoju Regionalnego SA (the Regional Development Agency of Lower Silesia) in Walbrzych a contract for designing and building the premises of the Centre for Research and Development and the infrastructure on the Technology Park. The value of the contract amounts to €8,224,896 (PLN 32,427,000).

Under of the contract, PROCHEM SA will design and build the Centre for Research and Development on the territory allocated to Technology Park in Szczawno Zdrój and Wa³brzych. The centre will include an office building, workshop and research room and internal communication network. Moreover, PROCHEM SA will design and build communication and technical infrastructure as part of which it will equip the area of Technology Park with media necessary to locate production and service-providing companies (electric, water and sewage, gas and telecommunications networks).

The purpose behind the functioning of Technology Park in Szczawno Zdrój and Wa³brzych is the creation of an attractive area for doing business, in particular, for investing in business activities based on modern technologies. Due to this, the region of Wa³brzych will stand out with its modern infrastructure, low costs of using production assets and professional auxiliary services. Technology Park also aims to stimulate occupational activity of the regional society and to improve the economic cohesion of the micro-region with the remaining part of Lower Silesia, Poland and EU regions.*

The realization of the project for Technology Park is a further undertaking of PROCHEM SA in the region of Lower Silesia. This year, the company has signed, among others, a contract for the performance of the project of and supervision over the construction of the plant of LG Philips LCD Poland Sp. z o.o. in Kobierzyce. It is also performing all the project works for the successive expansion of Car Units Factory Toyota Motor Manufacturing Poland in Wa³brzych.


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