PREMIUM project records its first successful rental realization (BE)

ATENOR GROUP announces the conclusion of an agreement with SMALS asbl (a non-profit organization) concerning the long-term renting of a part of the PREMIUM Project offices. The so-called project which had been introduced to the media at the end of May 2008, consists of a wide mixed urban project including more than 80,000 m², 30,000 m² of which dedicated to offices, integrating the more innovative and efficient sustainable development technologies (allowing energy savings of about 30%). It is located along the canal of Brussels, within the Espace Nord, on the bank facing Tour&Taxis, and combines variety, density, social interactions and architectural quality that constitute the fundamentals of every ATENOR GROUP developments in urban environment.

SMALS asbl, while supporting and supervising the e-government programme of both social and health care sectors, has involved in a 27-year firm lease contract in the building-to-be at the corner of the Quai de Willebroek and the Place des Armateurs, that will also house one of the IT rooms. The leased surface areas spread out over 6,300 m² dedicated to offices, 1,460 m² dedicated to the IT room and underground annexes, 150 m² dedicated to records and 46 parking bays.

The lease contract will be effective as of the delivery of the building which is scheduled for the middle of the year 2011.

As a reminder, the town planning permit application for this building will fall within the scope of the PPAS (particular planning for land allocation) project, also known as Canal, which the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region as temporarily approved on July the 17th 2008.

On its side, ATENOR GROUP started the demolition works on the 18th of August 2008.

This first commercial success confirms the market high interest in those independent office buildings, ranging from 5 to 10,000 m² that are innovative as far as sustainable development is concerned, and located at a stone's throw away from the main railway stations of the capital. Other promising prospects are as well on their way concerning the PREMIUM Project offices that could shortly take shape.

Source: Atenor

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