Prelios: Paolo Bottelli appointed new CEO (IT)

The Board of Directors of Prelios S.p.A., which met at the close of the Shareholders' meeting (held on April 21, 2011), confirmed the top management team, with a partial redistribution of appointments, which contributed successfully to the consolidation and the relaunch of Prelios in recent years.

The changes in the roles are in line with the direction taken thus far by the company and are aimed at best supporting the achievement of the strategic goals as well as the implementation of the 2011-2013 guidelines which were recently introduced to the market.

Marco Tronchetti Provera has been confirmed as Chairman and Enrico Parazzini Managing Director Finance, with administration, finance and management control responsibilities. Giulio Malfatto takes on the role of Vice Chairman with responsibility for business development, continuing the work carried out up to now of leading the company turnaround.

Paolo Bottelli, already General Manager and board member of the company from 2008, has been appointed new Prelios' Chief Executive Officer.

Joining Prelios in 1994, Paolo Bottelli has taken on increasing responsibilities in the company, both in the area of asset management and in the service area, also participating in the accomplishment of the company's most significant development operations. In recent years in particular as foreign General Manager, he relaunched the management platform in Germany and in particular handled restructuring of the Highstreet and Baubecon portfolios.

The Board of Directors also verified the requirements of the 8 independent directors, confirming that Giuseppe Angiolini, Carlo Emilio Croce, Dario Trevisan, Giorgio Valerio, Giovanni Jody Vender, Valter Lazzari, Marina Brogi and Giovanni Fiori have the requirements of independence outlined in the Consolidated Finance Act and the Code of Conduct for Listed Companies of the Borsa Italiana S.p.A.

The Board of Directors has appointed Dario Trevisan as Lead Independent Director.
In compliance with the Code of Conduct for Listed Companies, the Internal Control Committee and the Corporate Governance were then established, appointing the independent Directors as its members Dario Trevisan (Chairman), Marina Brogi, Giovanni Fiori, Valter Lazzari, and the Remuneration Committee comprised of the independent Directors Giovanni Jody Vender (Chairman), Carlo Emilio Croce and Giorgio Valerio.

A Risk Committee was also appointed, comprised of the Directors Dario Trevisan (Chairman), Giulio Malfatto, Paolo Bottelli, Enrico Parazzini and Marina Brogi.

Finally the Board of Directors appointed the Supervising Body in relation to the Organizational Modal 231 adopted by the Company, comprised of Dario Trevisan (Independent Director and Chairman), Sergio Beretta (Professor of Planning and Control Systems at the Bocconi University), Lelio Fornabaio (Mayor) and Sergio Romiti (who will assume the role of Internal Audit Manager and Head of the Company's Internal Control).

Finance & Advisory General Manager, Gerardo Benuzzi, Manager appointed for preparation of company accounting documents, was confirmed.

Source: Prelios S.p.A

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