Pre-opening conference launches MIPIM Asia 2006 on 26 September 2006

'The World Squared: global influences on property in Asia-Pacific' is the key theme of the pre-opening conference at MIPIM Asia, to be held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on 26 September 2006. The world's property market in Asia Pacific will then open its doors from 27 to 29 September 2006 to welcome more than 100 exhibitors from 23 countries and 1,500 delegates from the five continents.

This forum offers an outstanding opportunity to meet and discuss with professionals from the global property market about the central topic of the Asia Pacific macro-economy, and is inviting as keynote speaker Rod Cornish, Head of Research at Macquarie Real Estate (Australia).

Recognized as one of the leading property economists and one of the most often quoted personalities in the Australian media due to his annual Real Estate Market Outlook reports and role as financial expert at Macquarie Digital, Rod Cornish is a vital knowledge source on the emerging

trends in the Asia-Pacific real estate market. His pre-opening keynote will be particularly welcome since in addition to his general expertise, his recent research has focused on the race for real estate worldwide. He goes even further in his latest report, The World Squared, by giving a powerful vision of the global investment drivers and an analysis of how real estate markets work in the four leading economies of the world. 'The World Squared' is available at

The pre-opening conference will overview the entire property market situation in the Asia Pacific region. As such, it will act as send-off for the three days of MIPIM Asia conferences, during which the Asia-Pacific markets will be analysed per region, segment and investment mode. It will throw light on how to evaluate real estate assets in the property race, offering a vital source of insight for professionals wishing to invest internationally in this region.

The pre-opening conference will be held in Room 301 of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on Tuesday 26 September at 5 p.m. The event will include a question & answer session followed by an exclusive reception where delegates can make contact and start discussions between property professionals.

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