Potential development at Diageo's Kilmarnock site (UK)

An exclusivity agreement has been signed between Diageo and Kilmarnock-based Klin Group to allow the potential development of the company’s former packaging plant in the interests of the local community.

Klin Group, which is run by local entrepreneur Marie Macklin, will shortly announce the details of their intentions for the site and will take forward full community consultation.

Diageo has already gifted 10 acres at the site to Kilmarnock College for the development of a new campus, with work due to start in August 2013. The exclusivity agreement relates to the remaining 23 acres of the site at Hill Street and Balmoral Road.

Bryan Donaghey, Managing Director, Diageo Scotland said: “We are pleased that Klin Group, a local Kilmarnock business, has come forward with plans to engage the local community in a development plan with the aim of creating long-term positive benefit for the area.

“Diageo is very happy to support this potential development by making the land available subject to the plans meeting with local community approval and we wish Klin every success with putting the project together.”

Source: Klin Group

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