Port of Amsterdam sees a slight drop in transhipment in 2009 (NL)

The Port of Amsterdam's total transhipment volume for 2009 is expected to reach around 73 million tons; a 3% decline compared to 2008. The strong growth of oil products has meant that the recession has only had a limited impact on the transhipment figures.

In 2009 the total transhipment of wet bulk increased by over 16% to 39 million tons. The transhipment of oil products increased by around 15% to over 35 million tons, this as a result of capacity expansion and other investments at the oil terminals.

Over the past year the total transhipment of dry bulk dropped by 13% to 31 million tons. This includes the transhipment of agri products, which saw a 16% decline to 2 million tons. Products like grain, oilseed and fertilizer all experienced a decline. The transhipment of coal also dropped by 16% to 14 million tons.

The largest decline, however, occurred in the container sector. Container transhipment declined by over 50% to 200,000 TEU. The Port of Amsterdam is a relatively small player in the container transhipment market, and as a result of two of the three of ACT deep sea services being terminated, the transhipment volume has been halved.

Amsterdam region North Sea Canal Area
The total transhipment in the North Sea Canal Area (this concerns the ports of Amsterdam, Beverwijk, IJmuiden and Zaanstad) is expected to amount to 86 million tons. This is a 9% decline. This was caused by a drop in transhipment in the first half of 2009 in IJmuiden. In the second half of 2009, the transhipment in IJmuiden picked up again.

Outlook for 2010
For the coming year the Port of Amsterdam expects the current transhipment volumes to stabilize. While a number of relevant sectors are still feeling the impact of the crisis, the port may benefit from a slight economic growth that is expected for 2010.

In response to these developments CEO Dertje Meijer said, "In spite of the economic crisis the Port of Amsterdam only saw a 3% decline in transhipment. Compared to other ports, we are still doing very well. Our market share is expected to increase to 8.2%. This means that after Rotterdam, Antwerp and Hamburg we are the fourth largest port of North West Europe, and I am proud of this."

Source: Port of Amsterdam

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