Polish Real Estate Forum: Welcome to the New, Better Times (PL)

The crisis in the domestic property market is now a thing of the past - signs of recovery and rising demand are coming from all the sectors of the industry. Although a boom like in 2006-2009 is highly unlikely to happen any time soon, both commercial and residential developers agree that the coming years will be a period of growth and new opportunities. The question of how to make the best use of them will be discussed by participants in the 4th Conference “Polish Real Estate Forum”, organized by Nowy Adres S.A. on June 9-10th at Sopot’s Sheraton Hotel

The Polish real estate market has had a tough time in recent years. The banking sector, directly affected by the global economic downturn, stopped financing new commercial investments. The residential market, in addition to limited mortgage financing, was hit by rising unemployment and frozen wages, which, combined with general uncertainty about the future of the national economy, resulted in a decline in demand for apartments. Fortunately, catastrophic prophecies of many economists have not come true - the commercial and warehouse property sector has stood its ground thanks to persisting relatively high propensity to consume and foreign investments, the office industry benefits from Poland’s rising popularity as a place for new investments from the Business Process Outsourcing sector. The residential market is also starting to catch its breath after nearly five lean years - mostly thanks to historically cheap mortgage loans and prices, which have finally become acceptable for buyers after declines of up to 25 percent in some agglomerations.

How is our economy really doing? Is the rapidly developing e-commerce a real threat to our shopping centers? How long will the boom in the residential market last? Are we facing an oversupply crisis in office space sector? What about the warehouse market - is it time now to remove life support in the form of Built-To-Suit projects? These and other questions will be explored by participants in the 4th edition of the conference “Polish Real Estate Forum”, organized by Nowy Adres S.A. on June 9-10th at Sopot’s Sheraton Hotel. The program of the conference has been designed so that individual panels and presentations focus on the most important issues and problems of today’s market and offer concrete solutions for the most pressing issues. This largest and most prestigious event for the Polish real estate industry will be attended by almost 30 speakers representing various, sometimes divergent views and opinions and more than 300 participants representing the residential and commercial property sectors. The special guest of the conference will be Jan Krzysztof Bielecki, chairman of the Economic Council to the Prime Minister and a renowned macroeconomist, who will deliver a lecture about the current condition of the Polish economy. Among the speakers, discussion moderators and panelists will be industry journalists, reputed analysts and representatives of the biggest players in the market.

On both days of the conference, participants will have an opportunity to exchange experiences, make new business contacts and keep abreast with the latest trends in the market. Thanks to a special program called Match Maker you can arrange a personal meeting with any of conference participants.

More information on the conference and its detailed program can be found at: http://konferencje.nowyadres.pl/pl/forum-rynku-nieruchomosci

Source: Polish Real Estate Forum

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