PNK Group to build first high-quality warehouse in Yekaterinburg (RU)

PNK Group announces the launch of a new project: class A+ warehouse complex PNK-Yekaterinburg located in Sverdlovsk Region, Ural Federal District. The warehouse complex will have the total area of 125,000 m² and the warehousing area of 98,000 m². The construction works will begin in Q3 2014, the delivery is planned for 2016.

PNK-Yekaterinburg will become the first warehouse project in Yekaterinburg meeting all the requirements of a class A+ warehouse facility in terms of quality and sustainability. The new warehouse complex will be constructed 14 km from the Yekaterinburg Ring Road, near Kosulino village and 15 km from Koltsovo airport. Along with traditional warehouse premises, PNK Group is willing to construct build-to-suit projects with the area of 10,000 – 100,000 m² on the territory of the complex. Apart from that, the warehouse complex is being designed and will be constructed with respect to the requirements of FM Global, one of the worlds’ largest insurance companies, focused on loss prevention services. These requirements are very strict about quality, safety and energy efficiency of warehouse and industrial properties.

PNK-Yekaterinburg warehouse complex will become the 12th project of the company and its 6th regional property in addition to already completed projects like PNK-Shushary and PNK-Shushary 2 (Leningrad Region), Chistaya Voda warehouse and industrial complex (Novosibirsk Region) and currently ongoing ones like PNK-Tolmachevo (Novosibirsk), PNK-KAD (Saint-Petersburg). Later through 2014, PNK Group is intending to launch two more new large-scaled industrial projects, which will be announced additionally.

Oleg Mamaev, Executive Director, PNK Group: “Our decision to launch a new warehouse project in Yekaterinburg has been primarily driven by the very small amount of high-quality warehouse projects currently presented in the Ural region. There are currently few A class properties, but PNK-Yekaterinburg will become the first warehouse complex meeting all the international requirements of A+ class warehouse property. In this regard, we are convinced that the new warehouse complex will very soon meet its first tenants and will become an active part of the logistics and transport infrastructure of both Sverdlovsk Region and Ural Federal District."

Source: PNK Group

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