PNK Group acquires site for fifth industrial park (RU)

PNK Group has bought a site of 140 hectares in the northern part of Moscow region for construction of their fifth industrial park – PNK-North – of total area of 450,000 m².

In the framework of the project it is planned to commission more than 100–120,000 m² of warehouse and industrial property of A+ class every year. According to analysts it will satisfy the majority of the market's demands in industrial property in the northern direction for the next three years.

At the session of the Government of the Moscow region the Governor Sergey Shoygu announced the plans for the creation of the Moscow Region Development Corporation, which will be in charge of creating the optimal conditions to attract investors and creating a network of industrial and technological parks.

PNK Group has been working in the framework of this concept for a long time – constructing modern high-tech industrial parks in the Moscow region, which are demanded by the largest Russian and international companies.

The new industrial park 'PNK-North' is situated 27 km from MKAD on Rogachevskoye shosse, 3 km from Small Moscow Ring (MMK), and 5 km from New Leningradskoye shosse, which is being constructed at the moment.

Executive Director of PNK Group Oleg Mamaev believes that the realization of this project will attract the largest Russian and international companies specializing in retail and production to the North of Moscow region.

"PNK Group's industrial parks today are the most technologically advanced in the Russian market, they are as much as possible close to the standards of building in Europe and the US. That is why PNK Group has as its clients – leaseholders and buyers – the top-companies in their segments: X5 Retail Group, M.Video, Eldorado, Panasonic, Urenholt Logistics, DIXI and others," said Mamaev.

According to the assessment of the analysts of the major consultant companies, the creation of more than 120,000 m² of new industrial properties in the industrial park PNK-North a year will almost completely satisfy demand in the north of the Moscow region.

"According to our assessment, confirmed demand for quality warehouses in the north of the Moscow region equals almost 150,000 m² a year. This new project from PNK Group will satisfy the demand for A-class warehouse property in the northern part of the Moscow region for the next two to three years," said Egor Dorofeev, Partner, Head of Warehouse and Industrial at Cushman & Wakefield.

"At the moment the major demand is generated by the retail networks, logistics operators and production companies, but the further deterioration of the macro-economic conditions may lead to the significant changes of the share of the logistics operators in the demand structure.

"I am sure that the location of the PNK-North project as well as high level of quality of PNK Group work will ensure the success of this project," said Director of Warehouse, Land & Industrial Property Department at Colliers International Vladislav Ryabov.

The fact that PNK Group has its own resource base, investment potential, and acquired expertise allows the company to control quality and terms of construction of their product to the fullest extent.

"РNK Group combines in itself the functions of investor, developer, general contractor and producer of the major building materials. Today the average term of construction of warehouse terminal 'from scratch' in our industrial park is seven to nine months.

Source: PNK Group

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