Pirelli RE moves its headquarters to Blankenese (DE)

Pirelli RE is moving its headquarters from Hamburg's City Nord to Blankenese. The around 110 Hamburg staff have moved into a 2,800-m² office space at Erik Blumfeld Platz 27 b in the new 'Blankenese Bahnhofsplatz' urban quarter.

Bahnhofsplatz Blankenese

Part of the new Blankenese Bahnhofsplatz project.

"After we developed the Blankenese Bahnhofsplatz project in recent years, we are now happy to be able to move into our own four walls. This will contribute significantly to a further identification of our staff with our company and our projects," says Paolo Bottelli, CEO of Pirelli RE, explaining the move.

"In addition, the Blankenese location is distinguished by its excellent links to local public transport and by its versatile infrastructure."

To the west and the north of Blankenese railway station, offices, retail premises and homes with a rental area of around 25,000 m² were developed during the project. With its shops, restaurants, doctors' surgeries, retail markets and senior citizen's accommodation, as well as the local council offices, the district represents a supplement to and an expansion of the existing Blankenese center. There are two underground garages north of the railway tracks, below platform level, providing parking spaces for 400 cars.

Source: Business Network Berlin

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