Philippe Egger, CEO of AXA Winterthur to retire (CH)

After eleven years as Chief Executive Officer of AXA Winterthur, Philippe Egger, a member of AXA Group Executive Committee, has decided to retire. The Board of Directors of AXA Winterthur has appointed Antimo Perretta, Head of Distribution and a member of AXA Winterthur's Executive Board, to succeed him, effective January 1, 2014. Antimo Perretta will also join AXA Group Executive Committee. After completion of his CEO mandate, Philippe Egger will remain as an adviser to the Chairman of the Board of Directors until the end of February 2014.

Jacques de Vaucleroy, CEO for the NORCEE region and a member of AXA Group Management Committee, said:

"Philippe Egger took over as CEO during exceptionally tough economic conditions in 2003 and managed to fully restore the company’s competitiveness. Under his leadership, AXA Winterthur successfully weathered the financial and economic crisis. In addition, thanks to the launch of innovative products and services, he succeeded in developing AXA Winterthur beyond the field of property and casualty insurance into the leader in the Swiss life insurance sector. I would like to thank Philippe Egger most sincerely for his exemplary commitment over the years and his outstanding contribution to the success of AXA Winterthur. As a highly committed and respected leader with an impressive track record, Antimo Perretta has the ideal qualities to head the Executive Board and continue AXA Winterthur’s successful development"

Source: AXA

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