Percassi success destined to continue (IT)

By the end of next year, the Percassi Group expects to have a network of more than 300 shops, 50 of which operated in joint venture agreements with the Benetton Group and others in association with Flavio Briatore, with whom the Percassi Group signed an agreement for development of the Billionaire Italian Couture brand and 100 with the proprietary brand Kiko Make Up Milano, a successful line of innovative cosmetics that has gone on to expand into the international market.

Premium Retail was founded in 2008 by Stefano Stroppiana with the participation of the Percassi Group, which handles the design, development, commercialization and operation of large luxury retail property projects.

Premium Retail is committed to realizing high-profile locales for producers, distributors and consumers. Significant examples include the ambitious redevelopment project of the San Pellegrino Terme complex, launch of the first Outlet Village in Sicily, development of the Praha Outlet Village, conception of the final plans for the Shopping and Entertainment Center in Azzano and Segrate, and opening to the public of the Antegnate Shopping Center. Premium Retail is presently working on unique sites in the leading European capitals of fashion, art and design for emerging designers and innovative shopping centers that will revolutionize the discount sales formula, to focus on the concept of accessible luxury.

New Complex - San Pellegrino Terme
Between the late 1800s and the early 1900s, the city of San Pellegrino experienced its period of maximum splendor. Royals and diplomats frequented this area to enjoy the health benefits of its mineral springs water as guests of the Grand Hotel which was constructed, concurrent with the Casino, in those years in the finest Italian art deco style.

Premium Retail wants to bring the prestige of that era back to San Pellegrino. The New Spa Complex, designed by French architect, Dominique Perrault, will be designed as a rocky structure set harmoniously in the landscape. Strolling among the water falls, canals, hills, clouds of hot springs mist and open-air swimming pools, the visitor will experience surroundings designed to recreate a sanctuary permeated by luxury and relaxation.

The new seven-star hôtel will appear as part of the same rocky monolith; its guest rooms will feature exclusive and elegant décor, while its guests will enjoy a private spa and a scenic restaurant run by the most talented chefs of international haute cuisine. Naturally, the tables will be set with the mineral water that has made the San Pellegrino name famous around the world.

An exceptional spa resort for its beauty and the exceptional services offered, where visitors can treat themselves to complete wellness. The project of the new San Pellegrino Terme fully meets the concept that gave rise to the urban redevelopment plan: in its more modern version, luxury is not fulfilled in the intrinsic qualities of the object purchased, but permeates every aspect of the shopping experience. This concept is both exclusive and shared at the same time.

From the new spa resort to the shopping malls, from the hotels to the charming restaurants, every element of the new San Pellegrino will give visitors the opportunity to enjoy a unique experience, including in the events that will be hosted here. Film debuts, international musical acts, top quality fashion shows, and the best chefs will be part of the high quality entertainment at San Pellegrino Terme and bolster its prestige in the international tourist scene.

Sicilia Outlet Village - The first Outlet Village in Sicily
In Agira (Enna), in the heart of the island's lakes and castles district, located at the feet of the highest provincial capital in Italy, the Sicilia Outlet Village will play host to 100 elegant boutiques operated directly by the great names in international fashion, where apparel and fashion collections, accessories, shoes and home products will be available at prices discounted 30 to 70% all year round.

The urban architectures and spac

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