Peab to build store for IKEA in Uddevalla (SE)

Peab has been commissioned to build a new department store for IKEA in Uddevalla. The customer is IKEA Properties Ltd and the contract amounts to SEK 292 million (approx. €33 million).

The contract is part of the agreement between IKEA and Peab signed in December 2010. Ground work in Uddevalla has begun and the department store is scheduled for completion in summer 2013.

"It feels great that cooperation will continue as planned. The department store in Uddevalla is the third of the 10 included in the agreement. Kuopio in Finland was the first and Älmhult the second.

"Now we apply the lessons learned from the past department stores we've built for IKEA and make sure it works well even in Uddevalla, "says Peab's CEO Jan Johansson.

Source: Peab

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