Peab builds Sweden's largest postal terminal in Sigtuna (SE)

Peab has been contracted to build a new postal terminal in Rosersberg, Sigtuna. The client is the Posten Meddelande AB and the contract amounts to SEK 480 million (approx. €58 million).

The postal terminal that becomes connected with tracks covers an area of 49,000 m² and includes premises for mailing and two pieces of 200 m long track halls for mail trains.

The completed terminal manages the collection and distribution of mail to approximately 800,000 households and 77,000 businesses in 42 communities. At the terminal, 500-600 employees will handle 1.7 million addressed items per day and 34 million unaddressed items per month.

The postal terminal is a Green Building project with requirements for low energy consumption and the building will be equipped with 2,000 m² of solar panels. The work is scheduled for completion in September 2014.

"This is a project in line with the environmental profile we strive to work for. The postal terminal in Rosersberg is going to be something very special", says Peab division manager Jan-Olof Nordin in a statement.

Source: Peab

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